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MultiPrint has more than 30 years of serving Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding states. All work is guaranteed to be right, and on time, every time!
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Why Choose MultiPrint?

  • High Quality Digital Presses for B&W and Color Printing
  • Personal Service
  • Quick Turn Times
  • Delivery Available
  • Discounted Mailings

MultiPrint – Tulsa’s Best Choice


You can always rely and trust our trademark, and our “Tradition of Service”, with the benchmark of trade professionalism that has been known from MultiPrint for over 30 years in the Tulsa and surrounding states..

  • For too long, the consumer has put up with being treated poorly and come to believe, “that’s just the way it is.” Well, we’re sick and tired of it and we think you should be too. We believe that most businesses today have forgotten how to serve their customer. Some have even forgotten why. We believe by serving our customer better we will then in turn be better served. I read a saying that said, “Serve the customer and money will follow.” If you are ready to believe that you deserve to be treated better and actually served then Multiprint should be your printer.

B/W Copies –

For the duplication of your everyday flyers, forms and office documents there’s nothing like a good crisp clean black and white copy. Bring your original in on disk and you don’t just get copies, you get originals. We can reduce your copy down to 25% or enlarge it to 400%. Quantity discounts available.

Color Copies –

Customers are 78% more likely to remember words and phrases that are in color. Color increases document awareness by 165%. Color graphics are 80% more comprehensible. Color and text working in concert improve recall by 82%. If you need color and need it now, you need MultiPrint.

Letterhead / Envelopes –

Your stationery speaks about your business. If your current stationery isn’t saying what you would like — let the design professionals at MultiPrint work with you to create stationery that will express as well as impress. Single color, multi-color and full color. Quality printing on quality paper at MultiPrint.

Business Cards –

Nothing makes an impact better than color. Put the power of color to work for you. Promote your business with a Tri-fold brochure! It is an excellent way to prospect new customers or inform current customers about your products or services. They are affordable at MultiPrint.

Stamps / Labels –

Let us help you leave your mark in the world with rubber stamps and labels. With a traditional wooden handle stamp or a self-inking stamp we can help you “stamp-out” your competition and our labels are sure to “stick-it” to them.

Pocket Folder –

First impressions are important. Make them last with our line of Presentation Products. Large or small pocket folders, Report Covers and Certificate Covers, Document Folders and more. We have a folder to fit your needs.

Ad Specialties –

Leave your customers something to remember you by, besides the bill. A well-chosen Ad Specialty item can continue to sell for you night and day, day after day. Visit to view just a few of the items we offer. If you don’t see what you’re looking for give us a call. Chances are we can find it for you.

Banners/Posters –

Big ideas need big prints. At MultiPrint, we can help with everything from a simple party banner to full-color banners and custom posters. Printed with UV resistant inks that will look good for a good long time and are good for the environment too. Starting at $19.95

Photo on Canvas –

Have that special picture turned into a piece of fine art by having it printed on canvas. Get the look of fine art at a fraction of the cost. Custom photo effects are available to get the look of colored pencil, watercolor and more. Photos on canvas make a great gift. Let MultiPrint put you in print with a photo on canvas.

Invoices –

These can be personalized with your company information in a style that is easy for you to use while it holds all the necessary information. It’s important to keep up with the amount, date, discounts, method of payment, special offers and individual information. Your customers will be impressed with the elegant but functional design and will know they can feel safe when all the important information has been documented.

Invitations –

Every special occasion needs a proper invitation. You can select the color, texture, and size of the invitation from one of our stocks. We provide engraving which is the standard in invitations, but also thermography which produces shiny raised ink lettering without indenting the surface of the paper. There are several other options we would be happy to show to you.

Brochures –

Brochures come in several forms: tri-fold, half-fold, and even gatefold. Using a folded brochure provides you more panels for artwork and allows your advertising to fit in smaller places. Brochures have been used to hold everything from records, CDs, LPs, and other sheets for advertising. You can use a text weight or thinner card stock like 65 lb without scoring it, but when you go to thicker paper it is often best to score before folding into a brochure.

Posters –

Posters have been used for centuries, but have more use now than anytime before. We can print large sizes up to 42” wide in full color or black & white, on matte or glossy stock. We run every size below on a variety of stocks as well that can be laminated or run on waterproof material.

Promo Stickers –

We Provide adhesive labels or stickers to advertise your business or event. Put them on your products to say thank you to a customer or on your vehicles and materials for advertising. There are several basic color options or select the exact color you want on glossy, matte, static, all-purpose, or weatherproof.

Weddings –

It’s your special day and you want it to be perfect. We can help by designing, printing and even addressing your envelopes to the guests. We will help coordinate the invitations, RSVPs, envelopes, napkins and any other printed items to give a continuous yet elegant style throughout.

Carbonless forms –

Developed for legal purposes to document information, agreements, and signatures while being a biodegradable alternative to carbon paper. A thin layer of micro-encapsulated dye is on the back of the top sheet, so when pressure is applied, reactive clay on the paper below absorbs the ink that breaks free from the above sheet. We carry types from 2-part all the way up to 5-part.

Presentation Folders –

Stylish and functional, the pocket folder can be printed with beautiful graphics, logos, and insignia on the outside while holding more presentational documents, such as your business card, inside. Provided in different thicknesses, types of folding, and varying pockets or slits they can be customized for every occasion.

Promotional Products –

Advertising has moved from the billboards and posters of the past, to our pens, hats and even company clothes. Swag has become one of the most popular ways to promote a company image, brand, or event. We can provide the full gambit of these items: pens, shirts, mugs, stickers and more.


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